We don't offer "one lawncare, for all people."  We definitely fit well with different sorts of people, and those who are a good fit with us will like our way of serving them!

Some won't like us.  Frankly, there are some out there whom we'll find difficult to serve.  Below are some examples, told from a positive angle of light.

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  • We want to help the people of our community as much as possible.  We are optimized to serve those who want to have professional lawn care because they want "peace of mind," and "liberated time."

    • This means, if you're an "into every detail" type of person, you might be unhappy with how we do things.  -We will discuss the details of your needs and expectations with you and we'll regularly check in with you, to ensure we're putting you at ease.  However, our commitment to being the provider for those who want what we offer means that we will kindly encourage you to take it easy, and ​enjoy some meaningful time - not doing what you hired us to do for you!

  • We are professionals!

    • We've heard many testimonials about service providers in our area.  We've heard how unreliable they can be: not arriving when agreed upon; not returning after they get the job partly done; damaging property; stealing; etc.  We aren't those guys, we are professionals.  This means we will show up as scheduled, or give early notice about weather delays or circumstantial delays - along with makeup dates.  We are very careful around your property.  We make sure to take care of your property, and we are licensed and insured.  Finally, we'll only hire trustworthy people, who agree to embody our vision of putting you at ease in everything - we'll get to where we want to go in life by honestly helping good people like you, not by taking from you!​

  • We are:

    • Glad to find those who've been needing us.​

    • Committed to consistently providing excellent results.

  • We are not:

    • Gardeners.  -We mow, and do it well!​

    • Plant health experts.  -There are some we can recommend!