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Here's what happens when we service a mowin' account:

We quickly patrol the property & snap our "before" pictures; we clear debris and obstacles from the lawn; then the mower does the brute work while we edge any hard or defined edges and trim any grass the mower can't reach with the string trimmer; we blow clippings off of hard surfaces; finally, we get "after" pictures.  When your lawn has been serviced, and we mark it "complete," you are automatically invoiced for the work (along with before/after pictures)  - online (and automatic) payment is available through our invoicing software.


We offer recurring, weekly or biweekly lawn mowin' service throughout the growing season for grass.


-We also offer as-needed service, which is advance-invoiced along with the quote for service.

What makes our services different?  -A quick look:

Value from the Start

At this time, we offer you a referral bonus.  Through this program, you get value by giving value!  -You give two good people (who aren't already with Easy-Goin') a $20-off voucher for their first lawn mowin' service.  When they each have redeemed their voucher, you get one free service of your property! This presents us - and you - with a big opportunity to deliver some of our "easy-goin' peace of mind!"

We Use Our Brains

Just one fitting example: if it's time for us to blow grass clippings off your driveway or walkway, but your car is in the way - one of two things will happen:

  1. We will carefully sweep / blow the clippings away from your car.

  2. We will politely request for your car to be moved.

A filthy car -curtesy of a landscaping crew-  does not lead to "easy-goin' peace of mind," nor to "liberated time," so we avoid those kinds of things at all costs - by using our brains!

Standard of Excellence

Excellence goes beyond just using your brain to "doing the best job possible, in the time allotted to the task."  We will make this happen for you - every time!

What this means:

  • We don't rush - we don't cut corners, and mistakes are avoided.

  • If a mistake is made, however, we'll make it right.  -We have good insurance.

  • We check in with you regularly, to ensure we are delivering "easy-goin' peace of mind" to you.