A detailed look at what makes us different.

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  • We're on a mission, here!  And our mission is about you - not just the work we do for you

    • Our mission is this: "To gladly deliver easy-goin' peace of mind, we reliably provide excellent property maintenance, liberating time to pursue meaning in life."
      -We mean that!

    • You may think of property maintenance as a service - because by definition, admittedly it is.  But we look at it differently: We are a property maintenance company, who offers a product, which is "easy-goin' peace of mind."  The service of property maintenance is of course the most fitting way for us, as professionals in that field, to get our product to you.  By "gladly delivering" our product, the impact we hope to have is to help you by "liberating [your] time, to pursue meaning in life."

  • We are real people, living real life.

    • We are a local, family-owned and operated company.  After battling with, and overcoming, health issues in our own lives, we have come to appreciate all that gives life meaning - more so than ever before!  You should ask us what gives our lives meaning someday - it will be a good discussion, guaranteed!

  • We are committed to our standard of excellence!

    • We will always provide you with "the best job possible, in the time allotted to the task."  This means we communicate with you, to get on the same page with you about what the end-product will look like, and our timeline for doing it; and we give our all in our efforts to make it happen!​

  • We provide value from the start.

    • We are excited to offer you a referral bonus.  Through this program, you get value by giving value!  -You give two good people (who aren't already with Easy-Goin') a $20-off voucher for lawn mowin' service.  When they each have redeemed their voucher, you get one free service of your property! This presents us - and you - with a big opportunity to deliver some of our "easy-goin' peace of mind!"